Friday 22 February 2019


RYTS is about you as you approach a time in your life which comes with major changes in lifestyle, new freedoms, hopes, aspirations and opportunities, to put into affect long held ambitions, and acceptance of more serious responsibilities.


RYTS was started in 1984 by a group of Rotoractors (young adults sharing Rotary ideals) who felt that young people about to leave school could benefit from additional life skills. RYTS is not a solid seven days of high school lectures, but a week of interaction with highly qualified people who give their time freely for you. RYTS is also about raucous laughter and sensitive sentimental moments, loud music and some quiet effective times with your fellow attendees many of whom will become lifelong friends. You may even shed a tear or two when you leave. The RYTS team consists of young adults, a little older than you, who have seen the advantages of RYTS and return annually to conduct this camp for you. RYTS is Not a camp for Religious, Political or Cultural Education. It is not a camp for moralising or insensitive self assessment, (but you may have cause to revise some of your opinions and attitudes.

The camp focuses its main theme on Life Skills and includes sessions on motivation, public speaking, self-identity, finance & renting, goal setting and more. With entertainment, loud music, and loads of fun thrown in between the more serious parts, every year the RYTS camp has been major success for all who attended.

I believe in me.

I am unique.

I am important to the world;

I can be what I wish to be.

I can achieve what I wish to


At RYTS you will come to understand that you have an important role in the world, that among the world’s millions YOU are unique, you ARE important in the WHOLE scheme of things. You will come to realise that we all, yes you too, have a ‘wart’ or two and you will accept that you are what you are, warts included. You will learn that, in life, what you prove to be is more important that what you appear to be. RYTS will give you a reason to believe in yourself and your importance to family, community, the nation and the world. You will know that the world is a better place for your presence. We all have a contribution to make.

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